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Two Ways to Travel Reviews

"We have been friends with Pastor Moon and Sister Debbie for a number of years. After reading his book, Two Ways to Travel it literally made an impact on my life, changing my attitude and my way of thinking especially when dealing with those that have a negative and critical spirit. This book is a must read, an eye-opener! You too will see & understand the Two Ways to Travel that he speaks about - it will honestly enlighten your life."

Pastor Susan Z., Ventura Christian Outreach Ministries
Oxnard, CA

"Great Book... I live in California so I can't attend his church, but listen to his sermons on-line all the time. I would say, TD Jakes and Pastor Moon are my two favorite preachers and now authors. A must read for anyone who is struggling with something in their life. It truly uplifts your spirit. I love his examples - illustrations"

Chris R., Administrative Director
Santa Barbra, CA

"Two Ways to Travel is such a great book – I read it three times. I loved it so much; I made my kids read it too! Like his sermons it’s easy to follow, entertaining and it keeps your attention, but more importantly it has some great life lessons in it."  

Jackie F.
Colorado Springs, CO

"Pastor Moon is a great spiritual leader and he has enriched my life greatly. Two Ways to Travel is a must read!  Don’t miss his wisdom and insight!"

Senior Pastor Ed, Joy Temple
Atlanta, GA

"I enjoyed Two Ways to Travel very much. It was very interesting & helpful. I passed it on to my grandson to read."

Dorothy C., Eternal Life Temple Volunteer
Denver, CO

"If you want to experience the miraculous, Two Ways to Travel will help you step out of the boat and walk on the water. Which was always something hard for someone who always traveled safe."

Michelle G., River of Life Church
Denver, CO

"Pastor Moon's book will bring you encouragement and understanding and explain how we can overcome the testings and trials of life in order to further our walk in Christ. He uses humor and biblical instruction to minister to the reader. I highly recommend reading his book Two Ways to Travel."

Pastor Danny, Ventura Christian Outreach Ministries

"Two Ways to Travel, what a great read. As I read through this book I was so touched. Every person, Christian or not, new believer or old believer needs to read this book. Pastor Norman Moon, makes it real…, it is filled with encouraging words. No matter who you are, or where you are in life, you will find yourself in the pages of this book. I pray you will get a chance to read Two Ways to Travel, I believe I am going to have each one of our students from A Touch From Above – University & Seminary read this book before graduation. It’s a book to help everyone as they are traveling along life’s path, when the road of life seems to come to a cross road! Read the book… It’s great!"

Dr. Luauna Stines, President
A Touch From Above LSM Inc. ATFA
University & Seminary San Diego, California

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