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Q. Is there a dress code?
A. There is no formal dress code - “common sense dressing.” We have people worship in jeans and a t-shirt to three – piece suits.  Come as you are – we have a seat saved just for you.

Q. What type of music does your worship band play?
A. Our worship style at ROL is a blend of Top 100 Contemporary Christian, Gospel and a few of the old time favorites. 

Q. Is there something for my kids?
A. ROL is a rapidly growing church that continues to add ministries for the entire family.  At the current time we have the following for kids and young adults: Children’s Church, Nursery, Young Adult Bible Study (YABS) and various youth events through out the year.

Q. Is ROL apart of a denomination? 
A. We are apart of the fellowship group – Foursquare Gospel Churches. For more information, please visit our Core Beliefs and Values

Q. Will I fit in?
A. We get this question all the time… ROL has a saying or you could call it a motto!  ROL is a place of Hope and Encouragement for People from ALL WALKS of LIFE.  No matter who you are or what you have been through or what you’re going through you are welcome to call ROL your church home.  Remember, we’re a church that is Christ centered!  We’re more interested in where you’re going than where you have been!

Q. How long is your service? 
A. Our services typically start on time. Our 9:00am service ends around 10:15am. Our 10:30am service ends around noon. 

Q. Do you offer help?
A. We offer Biblical Counseling, prayer and various outreach programs. 

Q. Who cares for my child in the nursery?
A. Our nursery workers have been through criminal background checks and training. We also have a drop off and pick-up policy.

Q. Financial Accountability
A. Weekly donations are counted and verified by Ushers and are entered into a database by a member of the administrative staff. At the end of the year we hand out giving receipts. We also fill out monthly financial reports that are audited by an out-side group.  If you have questions regarding your giving prior to the end of the year, please submit your question to

Q. I want to lead a ministry or play/sing in the worship team. Who do I contact?
A. Please speak with an usher and they will direct you to the correct person who is in charge of the ministry. Please understand in advance that there are requirements (guide-lines) that we follow before allowing you to lead a ministry/group.

Q. Does the church rent out its facility for events?
A. The church is available to members and other’s for Christ based events such as weddings. For more information please contact the church via phone (303.788.0960) or email


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